Our Craft


The elegance of Tombol's collections arises from professional craftsmanship, quality materials and beautiful design. Made in Malaysia, using fine gems and materials which are stringently tested to ensure high standards of quality, each collection offers statement pieces that are seamlessly fused with a delicate silhouette and modern contemporary flair.  

Tombol Moonstone Butang Baju Melayu
Tombol Premium Butang Baju Melayu Black Onyx


Our design approach is what makes our collections stand out from the rest. Every piece is the result of meticulous research, derived from Malaysian culture and tradition, and then reimagined for contemporary lifestyles.


Sleek geometric lines, a minimalist concept, graphic elements, and refined details match harmoniously with the vibrant hues of selected gemstones to create distinctive pieces. The back of each piece takes form in a diamond crown with elegantly faceted edges and is engraved with our Tombol logomark "T". Each piece, every collection, designed as a gorgeous accoutrement for your best outfits.


Tombol collections of jewellery and accessories are elegantly created in silver palladium, a luxurious alloy that contains silver and palladium, a precious and noble metal. When combined with precious and semi-precious gemstones or pearls, silver palladium creates an opulent appeal that is prevalent in Tombol collections.  


Featuring a lustrous silvery-white appearance, silver palladium is hard yet lightweight and resistant to tarnishing compared to sterling silver. This metal is also hypoallergenic and safe to wear. With its unique qualities, silver palladium is an affordable luxury for those seeking something classy yet contemporary.

Tombol Gemstones
Tombol Butang Baju Melayu Green Onyx


Tombol brings together a team of skilled craftspeople, including CADCAM designers, filers, gem setters and jewellery polishers, to produce impeccably refined pieces by leveraging their years of individual experience and expertise in fine jewellery. Upon completion, every piece is checked thoroughly, right down to the last detail. Refined and pristine, Tombol exemplifies intricate craftsmanship and creativity.